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Forever Beautiful

A mix of powerful beauty berries from Amazonia. Add to your smoothies for your daily boost of antioxidants!

  • Nourish your skin from the inside out
  • Contains beauty berries acaí and maqui
  • Add to your morning berry smoothie or acaí bowl
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The secret to beautiful skin: the right nutrients!

Are you looking for a natural way to glowing skin? Put your creams aside and get mixing instead – because beautiful skin starts with nourishment from within! This berry superfood powder contains powerful beauty berries from Amazonia to support your skin health.

  • Your daily boost of beauty berries & vitamin C
  • Delicious & easy-to-use – customers love the taste
  • Developed by holistic nutritionists to ensure the best combination of active ingredients
  • Highest quality only: No fillers, artificial sweeteners or preservatives – ever

Ingredients: Chia Seeds*, Acaí*, Flax Seeds*, Acerola*, Pomegranate* and Blueberry* powder. *Organic Certified

Weight: 200 g | 40 servings

Taste: Delicious berries, slightly sweet

Serving size: 5 g | 2 teaspoons

Use 2 tsp Forever Beautiful daily your smoothie, acaí bowl, yogurt, or oatmeal.

Serves 1

2 tsp Forever Beautiful
200g frozen berries
1 banana
125ml coconut milk
Toppings (optional)

1. Combine all of the ingredients in a blender.
2. Pour into a bowl.
3. Add extra toppings and enjoy!

As a B Corp, we believe in business as a force for good and are committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients. With our transparent supply chain and sourcing from small farmers we know where each ingredient comes from, and each batch is tested by 3rd party labs to ensure the highest quality.


Forever Beautiful contains:
Chia Seeds from Paraguay
Acai from Brazil
Flax Seeds from Poland
Acerola from Brazil
Pomegranate from India
Blueberry from Finland

Q. When should I feel/see the effects?

A. Results may vary from person to person and also depend on your overall diet and lifestyle. Most people start noticing effects within 2-4 weeks of using the mix daily.


Q. Can I use this while pregnant/nursing?

A. We have many customers using this mix during pregnacy and nursing. However, please consult your doctor before taking this mix.


Q. What’s the difference between Forever Beautiful and Plant Collagen?

A. Forever Beautiful is focused on the power of beauty berries with high level of antioxidant vitamin C, whereas Plant Collagen contains ingredients to support your skin's natural collagen production. We recommend using both mixes daily. You can simply add Plant Collagen to any berry smoothie or as a creamer to lattes.


Q. Is it safe for kids?

A. Yes, Forever Beautiful is a great way to sneak more vitamins into your kids' food.


Q. My Forever Beautiful mix has clumps in it, is that normal?

A. Yes, this happens occasionally due to only using natural ingredients and not using any fillers or agents to prevent clumping. Simply break the pieces with a fork or spoon before using.


Q: Why do I need superfoods?

A: Superfoods are extremely high in micronutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and enzymes. As most people don't eat enough greens that contain them, superfoods can be an easy way to consume more powerful micronutrients!


Is your questions not answered? We love to hear from you! Please fill in the contact form, send an email to healthy@yoursuper.com.

Forever Beautiful: Nourish Your Skin From The Inside Out!