Super Green, Grateful Gut, Forever Beautiful, Golden Mellow, Gut Restore, Skinny Protein

Ready for a Reset?

Superfood mixes to help you feel light, energized, and full of life.

  • Detox Bundle

    Detox Bundle

    Feel better in just 5 days with the 5-day Detox Plan

    £125.90 £144.49

  • Happy Gut Bundle

    Happy Gut Bundle

    Superfood mixes for smooth digestion and gut care

    £40.90 £45.80

  • Super Green

    Super Green

    Daily dose of nutritious greens


  • Forever Beautiful

    Forever Beautiful

    Beauty berries with vitamin C and antioxidants


  • Skinny Protein

    Skinny Protein

    Vegan protein powder for green smoothies


  • Gut Feeling

    Gut Feeling

    Instant celery mix for a happy gut


  • Gut Restore

    Gut Restore

    Instant tropical drink to support a happy gut