The 5-Day Detox Backed by Science

Give your skin what it craves and nourish it from the inside out with our antioxidant-rich superfood mix.

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Certified Organic
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6 Powerful Greens Packed With Vitamins & Minerals

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Over 3000+ 5-Star Reviews

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0% Artificial Sweeteners, Fillers or Gums

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100% Real Food, Zero Supplements


Made to Support Your Health Goals

Feel More Energized From Day 1

86% of participants from our 5-Day Detox clinical study* reported feeling healthier after just 5 days

Following the detox, participants in the study reported significant improvements in:

  • Energy levels
  • Mental clarity & focus
  • Sleep quality
  • Mood swings, fatigue, & brain fog
  • Compulsive eating
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After completing the trial, there was a significant reduction in the following symptoms:

Headaches, bloating and constipation

Congestion, back and neck pain

Muscle fatigue and body and joint aches

Acne, dry skin and hair loss

“I always say the family that works out together stays together… But we’re a busy family, so sometimes it’s hard to prepare a full, elaborate meal. That’s why we’re huge fans of healthy smoothies.”

- Mario Lopez -

Sticking With Your Daily Greens Pays Off

1-2 Months

Increased energy, smoother digestion & fewer cravings

3-6 Months

More digestive benefits, healthier-looking skin & better appetite control

6+ Months

Easier to support healthy weight management, improved daily performance & overall healthier & happier sense of well being

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Get To Know Your Detox

The Detox Bundle comes with a 30-day supply of our most powerful superfood mixes, each with no more than 6 traceable ingredients.

Forever Beautiful

Berry smoothie powder with an excellent source of Vitamin C and antioxidants for radiant skin

  • Chia seed
  • Acai
  • Maqui
  • Acerola
  • Pomegranate
  • Wild blueberry
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Skinny Protein

Lean green protein powder with all essential amino acids and 9 grams of protein per 15g serving

  • Pea protein
  • Hemp protein
  • Moringa
  • Spirulina
  • Alfalfa
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Super Green

Green smoothie powder to help you get your daily dose of nutritious greens.

  • Wheatgrass
  • Barley grass
  • Moringa
  • Baobab
  • Spirulina
  • Chlorella
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Quality We Believe In

Traceable Ingredients

Our products are made in the USA from responsibly sourced global ingredients. All of our ingredients are traceable. Because it should be easy for you to find out where your superfoods come from.

Powered By Plants

All of our mixes are 100% plant-based. Full of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, our superfood mixes are real food that help you feel amazing.

Highest Quality

Only the highest-quality ingredients make it into our superfood mixes. We work with partners who are committed to using traditional and sustainable practices, even if it costs us more.

Easy & Delicious To Use

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Quick Smoothies & Shakes
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Most people get sick due to poor diet and lifestyle choices - we created superfood and plant protein mixes - so you can improve your health and feel your best every day!

– Kristel, Co-Founder

Your Super believes that healthy eating should be delicious and easy.

That's why founders Kristel and Michael created superfood powders with your needs in mind.

Whether you're short on time or always on the go, our superfood mixes are the perfect solution to add your daily routine.

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This product helped Jumpstart me into eating healthy. I found the detox to be something I was able to do and continue after with fewer restrictions. I feel so much better and have seen a difference in my appetite, mood, and skin.

– Lori W.


Easy to follow. Very nutritious and filling. Surprisingly tasty too…and I’m quite picky. Highly recommend Your Super.

– Sandy M.


After three days of being on the detox I felt less bloated. It works if you stick to it!

– Kara G.


The forever beautiful was my favourite. This detox is easy to follow. The meals and smoothies are very filling, and sometimes I couldn't finish eating what was on my plate. Lost 4 lbs and my skin looked amazing. Highly recommend!

– Marguerite O.

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30 day gaurantee

30-Day Happiness Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with any of our products, you have 30 days to get your money back — no questions asked!

Easy Ways To Add Superfoods Into Your Routine

Super Green Mix

  • ✔ Easy way for more nutritious greens
  • ✔ Contains spirulina and chlorella
  • ✔ Great in smoothies or a health shot


Plant Protein

  • ✔ 9g protein per 15g serving
  • ✔ Clean, 100% plant-based ingredients
  • ✔ Perfect before or after a workout

Forever Beautiful

Forever Beautiful
  • ✔ Skin care superfood smoothie mix
  • ✔ Made with superfood berries like acai
  • ✔ Easy to blend into a bowl or smoothie


Frequently Asked Questions

A detox diet or cleanse is a healthy way to reset the body’s systems. When you follow a detox diet, you’re improving and optimizing the function of your body’s detoxification systems and supporting your body’s health. You're also trying to give your body a break so it can heal itself. If it’s constantly being occupied with digestion, which takes a lot of energy, your body will put the deep cleaning process on hold.

In general, this detox is all about refueling your body with nutrients, which in most cases is healthy for everyone! However, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking certain medications, please consult your doctor.

The clinical study was conducted by Citrus Labs. Participants were followed for 16 days (days 6-21) after the detox period to investigate altered eating habits since completing the 5-day detox period.

Unlike most detox programs that focus on expensive juices or pills, this detox diet plan focuses on real, whole foods and nutrient-dense superfoods. This detox also eliminates meat, dairy, processed foods, caffeine, added sugar, salt, oils, additives and fillers. Breakfast is a green smoothie, lunch is a plant-based meal and dinner is a berry smoothie. You also have the option to have a snack in the afternoon.

Results will vary from person to person. People who have followed this detox have experienced increased energy levels, better digestion, glowing skin, overall better mood, improved sleep, weight loss and reduced sugar cravings — just to name a few.

Yes! You'll receive support before, during, and after the detox. Join us in our exclusive Facebook group where we motivate and inspire each other on our detox journey. (You'll receive a link after purchasing the Detox Bundle.)

We do not recommend following the detox when you are pregnant or nursing. Have more questions? We're always here to help! Email us at