Your Superlife - 100+ Delicious, Plant-Based Recipes Made with Nature's Most Powerful Superfoods

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Optimize your health & feel your best with 100+ easy & delicious plant-based recipes.

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”Clean, plant-based, superfood recipes that will help more people benefit from the healing power of plants, and I am excited to see the impact this will have on so many people.” —Dr. Deepak Chopra, MD

You'll use this beautiful 320-page hard-cover cookbook in your kitchen every day!

Your Super Life is ideal for anyone who wants to optimize their health and feel their best, while enjoying delicious and nourishing food.

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A Message from Kristel & Michael

Kristel and Michael laughing while holding a large plate of vegetables

We are on a mission to make plant-based eating easier for everyone… and this is why.

After his surprise cancer diagnosis at twenty-four, Michael radically shifted his diet after watching the documentary Forks over Knives. Realizing the powerful connection between food and health, together with his college sweetheart and now wife, Kristel, they adopted a plant-based diet infused with natural, rejuvenating superfoods.

The experience was life changing. Michael quickly regained his health and rebuilt his immune system. They were both sleeping better, feeling stronger, and had more energy. Inspired by this powerful personal experience, Michael and Kristel have built a Your Super sharing their lifestyle and superfoods with the world.

Nine years and millions of Your Super customers later, now our first cookbook is here! Finally after 2 years of writing, testing recipes, shooting pictures, editing, designing… we can reveal the Your Super Life cookbook. We are not professional chefs, we live busy lives (just like you!), and if we can make these are quick recipes then you can too!

We will teach you the key pillars of the Your Super way of eating, how to tap into the natural healing power of superfoods, over 100+ delicious plant-based recipes , educational how-to sections that teach you how to create your own recipes, weekly meal plans and grocery lists… it's all in there!

Many people want to eat healthier, want to eat more plant-based meals and we created this book to show that it can be easy, quick and delicious!

xo Kristel & Michael

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Praise For Your Super Life

“In Your Super Life, Michael and Kristel share the fruits of their journey by showing you how to eat in a new way. They describe easy steps for changing daily habits that will help your sense of wellbeing. Just as I believe, the path towards better health should focus on what to add to your diet, and not just elimination.”

William W. Li, MD

William W. Li, MD

New York Times bestselling author, Eat to Beat Disease, and Eat to Beat Your Die

“Food is medicine, and we now know definitively that plant-based nutrition has immense healing potential as it combats inflammation, which causes over 80% of chronic disease. Kristel and Michael's book has so many clean, plant-based, superfood recipes that will help more people benefit from the healing power of plants, and I am excited to see the impact this will have on so many people.” Dr. Deepak Chopra, MD

Dr. Deepak Chopra, MD

New York Times bestselling author

“Simple, delicious recipes page after page, bursting with superfoods deliberately combined to boost immunity, quell inflammation, elevate mood, and maximize health. Every bite will bring you closer to the super life you deserve to live!” Kristi Funk, MD

Kristi Funk, MD

Breast Cancer Surgeon, Bestselling author BREASTS: The Owner’s Manual, Women’s Health Warrior at

“Your Super is the one cook book you need to create the most delicious and healthiest food possible. I love eating but I don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen preparing meals, Your Super provides an easy hack to creating the most healthy and appetizing meals possible without investing hours in the kitchen."

Louie Psihoyos

Louie Psihoyos

Director of the movie The Game Changers

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